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PREPPING is the term used to describe the process of preparing your family for any period where utilities and/or amenities may not be available.  Being able to "run to the grocery store on a whim" is considered an amenity.  Prepping can be anything from having 2 or 3 weeks of groceries/living supplies safely stored away,  all the way to years of groceries and living supplies stored away to prepare for a major catastrophe. 

FOOD PRESERVATION is one of the key skills needed when a person decides to start prepping.  The next and most important key to prepping is stockpiling anything and everything else you may need for survival.  People often wrongly assume that having cupboards full of food will help them survive easily, yet it's often the little things that can be life threatening.  A splinter in your finger.  A broken bone.  A twisted ankle.  All these can be put your life in danger if you are inadequately prepared with other survival items.  These items vary from Baking Soda to water treatment tablets to alcohol to matches to animal food.  .

SEE THE IMAGE link above for an article about one family that embarked on a major prepping journey.  Their experience will help you determine what items you and/or your family will need to prepare for a major catastrophe.. 

18 in 1 Emergency Survival PackKosin Survival Gear Emergency Survival Kit

72 Hour Bugout Bag (4 Person)72 hour 4 Person Bugout Bag

250 Piece First Aid Trauma Kit

250 PIece First Aid Kit

 Siphon Pro 8 foot HoseSiphon Pro

Rescue Guard First Aid Survival KitRescue Guard Advanced First Aid Survival kit

 Mylar Survival Blanket

Thermal Mylar Space Blanket

 52 Prepper Projects

Emrgency Blanket Poncho

Emergency Blanket Poncho

 Survival Paracord Compass Bracelet Knife

Paracord Compass Bracelet KNife

Emergency Food Supply 60 Meal 25 Year Shelf Life

Wise Company Emergency Food Supply

 Canning Freezing Smoking Meat Guide

Canning Freezing Curing Meat

Bestguarder WG-50 6x50mm Digital Night Vision
Infrared IR Monocular with Camera & Camcorder Function 

Night Vision Monocular

Preppers Long Term Survival Guide Collapsible Water Storage 5.3 GallonCollapsible Water Storage Cube  Stackable Water Store 6 pk 5 gal ea
Samson stackable Water containers 6 pk 
Water Treatment Treats 330 galWater Treatment Water Storage Barrel - 55 GalWater Storage 55 Gal  Water Storage Bags .75 Gallon EaWater Storage Bags 
Survival TentEmergency Survival Tent

Ultralight Ultratough Mylar Emergency
Survival Tent

Ultralight Mylar Survival Tent

 Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio,
NOAA Weather Radio for Emergency
with AM/FM, LED Flashlight,
Reading Lamp, 2000mAh
Power Bank and SOS Alarm
Emergency Solar Handcrank Radio




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