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Greenhouse Aluminum 6x12x6Product Link

A POPULAR method for farming in many parts of the world is by utilizing greenhouses.  Greenhouses provide a controlled climate, insect control, an extended or year round growing season, and availability of growing plants from other climates. 

ANOTHER benefit to greenhouses is protection from the chemicals being used in the soil of many farming communities.  A greenhouse allows for chemical free water and growing medium so plants can truly be certified Organic and NON-GMO. .

Greenhouse Shelving UnitsGreenhouse Shelving Unit 4 Tier double

Greenhouse Plastic 10MM - 
ReinforcedGreenhouse Plastic 10 mm Reinforced 24x20

Greenhouse Shadecloth 20x50 footGreenhouse Sunblock Shadecloth

  Greenhouse Garden HoopsGreenhouse Garden Hoops  
 Greenhouse Shelving 3 TierGreenhouse Shelving Unit 3 Tier Garden Tools 100 pc AsstGarden Tools Set
Greenhouse Shelving Unit 4 TierGreenhouse Shelving Unit 4 Tier Tapered 
row Light AdjustableGrow Light P2500 Grow Lights - 2ft LongGrow Light 2ft Solar Adj Pendant LightsPendant Lights Solar Dimmable
Grow Light Strips for ShelvingGrow Light Strips for Shelving   Greenhouse ThermostatThermometer Digital Greenhouse Greenhouse HeaterGreenhouse Heater 
Greenhouse Shelf Unit - 2 TierGreenhouse Shelving Unit 2 Tier2  Portable Cold FramePortable Cold Frame   Hanging 4 Tier Plant ShelfPlant Shelf 3 Tier hanging



Mini Greenhouses

Product LinkGreenhouse Mini WalkinMini Greenhouses work great in Small enclosed yards and Patios in areas where Wind either deflected or not much of an issue.  These little greenhouses can allow a grower to grow plants in a more controlled environment.  They are typically not effective in colder regions but can be used to extend a growing season.  They are constructed of...

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Cold Frame/Hot House

Alaska Style Cold FrameCold Frames and Hot Houses are primarily used in regions where there is not a long growing season.  Their use enables the grower to put young plants and seedlings out earlier than they would normally be able without the use of the Hot House or Cold Frame.  These little structures are also very effective for use on ...

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