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20200510 160312 croppedHAMMERHEAD WORMS are the new invasive species to watch for in your garden.  They are carnivorous, will decimate your earthworm population.  They look very similar to ...

regular earthworms except for the distinguishing shape of their heads.  

ANOTHER DASTARDLY creature to be aware of is the Wasp.  Not all wasps but many wasps.  See our beekeeping page for lots of information on the destructiveness of Social wasps and the absolutely devastating effect they have on bee populations, both in-ground and in hives.  Some people see bees living in the ground and unwittingly destroy them becuse they have heard that Wasps live there, but if you find Wasps living in the ground, it's because they have murdered an entire colony ground dwelling bees.  Only the very large, harmless, and solitary Cicada Killers and the very tiny aphid killing wasps are beneficial.  The others are either outright murderous or at the very least, parasitic.  The tiny parasitic ones are not completely bad as they do often parasitize harmful insects, but they also sometimes parasitize beneficial ones.  The most frustrating statement I ever read is "Wasps are beneficial because they hunt spiders" which is exactly backwards. Wasps are extremely destructive and one Wasp can wipe out an entire bee colony in around 4 hours.  Bees have virtually no defenses against them and the wasps are brutal in their devastation.  VERY FEW WASPS are actually beneficial.  Again, see the beekeeping page for much more information on wasps.

MYTH:  Spiders are harmful...

FALSE - SPIDERS are the 2nd most beneficial insect-like creature on the planet.  They do more for actual insect control than most other species combined.  Spiders in your home are eating dust mites, bed bugs and roaches.  Spiders in your garden are eating aphids, spider mites, catepillars, and most other harmful insects.  Wasps are NOT beneficial because they eat spiders.  That would be like saying Cats are beneficial because they eat birds, because one or two species of birds are destructive.  There are very few actually dangerous spiders and most of those dont want anything to do with us Humans.  Hollywood has convinced humans to be afraid of Spiders, yet when you read throughout history, spiders were never considered to be scary creatures.  It wasnt until Hollywood came along and told everyone theyWolf Spider with Babies were scary. SPIDERS ARE NOT PESTS and should not be controlled in an actual Sustainable Homestead or Organic garden. In a balanced ecological environment, spiders will manage themselves and also manage the insect populations.  An example of this is how wolf spiders actually prey on brown recluse spiders.  If you find a wolf spider in your basement, it is likely hunting brown recluse spiders and roaches.  If its a huge wolf spider then SHE is hunting brown recluse spiders and roaches.  If you see a large weirdly shaped wolf spider, then SHE is being an amazing Momma and doing the best she can to care for all her little spiderlings, and maybe also hunting brown recluses and roaches LOL...  

Below I've included videos and articles showing some of the worst destructive pests which cause the most damage to crops and beneficial creature populations.  

Hornets decimating BeehiveHornet destroying bee hive

Hammerhead Worm Preying on EarthwormHammerhead worm preying on Earthworm   Mouse InvasionMouse invasion


THERE ARE many methods for dealing with devastating pests.  Some are destructive to your sustainable lifestyle.  An alternative strategy would be Howard Garrett, a well known Texas gardener who offers many good solutions to pest control using organic methods.  From utilizing the Pest Control plants (on my other page) and using Pest control Insects (also on another page within this site), and utilizing organic pest control compounds such as orange oil, cayenne powder, etc, some of his methods can help you establish a self sustained, balance ecosystem in your yard or on your homestead.  

Howard Garrett Dirt Doctor     

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