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Edible Landscaping Plants

Edible landscaping farmers Almanac

LIVING IN THE Suburbs and Cities can present some challenges when it comes growing good, clean, organic Food.  Edible Landscaping and Foodscaping provides an opportunity to grow quality food while maintaining the beauty of your landscaped yard.  Start with a basic floorplan of your garden space.  Make a list of produce you enjoy eating and often eat.  Research colorful alternatives for the foods you enjoy and edible alternatives for your existing decorative plants (See the example at the above exchanging Zucchini Plant or Rhubarb or even Kalo (in temperate regions) instead of Elephant Ear). Big Leafy PlantsThe books below can provide many useful ideas for planning your Foodscape.  They also provide basic instruction for optimizing your growing space.

BELOW ARE some recommended plants for creating an edible, manicured yard.  (Click "text link" for an article on benefits of each plant - click the "image link" to purchase seeds/plants):

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Beautiful Edible Garden

Edible Landscaping Permaculture

Edible Landscaping 2 Edition


Foodscape Revolution

Gaias Garden Permaculture 

 AmaranthAmaranth Artichoke - Purple ItalianArtichoke Purple Davids Garden Asparagus - White Asparagus White

Asparagus - Purple PassionAsparagus Purple Passion

Wild Bee Balm
Monarda Fistulosa
Bee Balm Monarda Fistulosa 

Pole Beans - Scarlet RunPole Beans Scarlet Run

Pole Beans - Long Red Pole Beans Long red Bush Beans - 3 color mixBush Beans Tri Color 

Pole Beans - Purple PodsPole Bean Purple Pods

Broccoli - RomanescoBroccoli Romanesco

Broccoli - Purple Sprouting Broccoli Purple Sprouting


Corn - Mountain Indian RainbowCorn Mountain Indian Rainbow  Corn - Indian Glass GemCorn Indian Glass Gem Carrots - Rainbow BlendCarrots Rainbow Blend 
Cauliflower 4 Color MixCauliflower color mix

Crimson CloverCrimson Clover

Dandelion Seed Mixdandelion Seeds 10000

Chicory SeedsChicory Seeds 

Cauliflower - PurpleCauliflower purple


Elderberry Elderberry Seeds

Exotic Vegetable KitExotic Vegetables 6

Hibiscus - Red Roselle Hibiscus Red Roselle

Kiwano or African Horned MelonAfrican Horned Melon2

 Kohlrabi - PurpleKohlrabi Purple


Moringa seeds

Pineberry RootsPineberry Roots 

Okra - Red Velvetokra red velvet2

Chili Pepper Variety Pack - 13 typesChili Pepper Variety Pack
  Tobasco PeppersTobasco Pepper  
Hot Pepper Variety Pack - 8 TypesHot Pepper Variety

Passion Fruit Plants

Passion Fruit Plants


Wild Alpine StrawberriesStrawberries Alpine

 Tomato - Chocolate StripedTomato Chocolate striped

Indigo Rose Cherry Tomatoes
Black Cherry Tomatoes 


Tobasco Pepper 

Edible FlowersEdible Flower Seeds


Zucchini Round


Tomato - Unusual Breed Seed Mix

Tomato Giant Seed Mix

Unusual Color Vegetables

Funky Color Vegetables



Amazon Affiliate

Amazon's Affiliate Program enables me to bring this content to you!  I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial or link to products or services on this website. NOTE: There is no additional cost to you. Your purchase helps support my work bringing you real information about farming, gardening and sustainable living.