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ONE OF THE single most important factors in sustainable, organic and green farming is the Compost pilecompost pile jpg.  Click the image link to the right for an a how-to articleThe compost produced by vegetable waste and herbivorious animal waste will provide nutritious food for plants and insect/worm crops. 

WHEN CREATING compost, it is important to understand how to create the most beneficial and nutritious compost possible.  One significant factor in creating healthy compost, is to understand the role that is played by nematodes. 

NEMATODES can be beneficial or harmful depending on the type of nematodes and the way the compost is produced.  Placing meat and dairy products in the compust pile will promote the growth of harmful nematodes. Click Nematode image link for informative article on Nematodes. beneficial nematodes dead cutworm This link also takes you to a helpful and informative site about Composting and gardening.  

USING ONLY vegetable waste, rabbits, cow, horse (and other herbivorious animals) waste will promote the growth of beneficial nematodes. 

MANY DIFFERENT types of mulch/composting structures exist, depending on the size of your compost pile.  Small compost enclosures work well if the garden yard space is limited.  Compost does emit an odor so you'll want to put it as far from your doorways as possible.  On the plus side, if you avoid meat and dairy products, the odor will be more earthen rather than rotten smelling.   

COMPOSTABLE trash bags are available for seperating your compostable waste from your regular trash.  There are also special indoor compost bins that reduce odors so you can use fewer bags.  Also, freezing your vegetable waste will help to preserve it longer if you are limited on space in your compost or worm bin.

ANOTHER METHOD of composting is by using relocatable outdoor compost bin that you fill up, remove the bin, relocate it to another spot and then fill it again. 

COMPOST processes more quickly if it is turned(stirred).  Some people build enclosures for their compost and turn it manually. Here is a link to a site with many compost enclosure ideas that you would build on your own. 

COMPOST TUMBLING Compost Tumbler Binis another method of compost turning.  Click the image link above to watch a how-to video on building a compost turner.  If you would rather buy one, there are several options like those shown below:

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BioBag, The Original Compostable Bag

BioBag Compostable Trash Bags

Full Circle Fresh Air Odor-Free
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Odor Free Compost Bin

Compost Bin by GEOBIN - mobile compost bin -
easily opens to be relocated to start a new pile

Outdoor Compost Bin

Earthworm Factory

Worm Factory 


Mantis Front Port ComposTumblerBackporch ComposTumbler


Hotfrog Rolling Composter
37 GallonHotfrog Rolling Composter 37 Gal

SOME INSECTS will provide immeasurable Soldier Fly Compost Binassistance to your Composting project.  Soldier Flies and Earthworms are integral to this process.  In addition, Soldier Fly larvae and earthworms are also high sources of protein for poultry and fish in an aquaponics system.  See the video link here for informaton on building your own Compost Bin/Soldier Fly farm.

Worm BedsWHEN COMPOSTING, it is also beneficial to raise earthworms.  They are great for composting but also great fish food if you have an aquaponics system, or simply enjoy fishing.  This video is a how-to video on implementing a worm bed/compost bin in your raised garden.  




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Amazon's Affiliate Program enables me to bring this content to you!  I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial or link to products or services on this website. NOTE: There is no additional cost to you. Your purchase helps support my work bringing you real information about farming, gardening and sustainable living.