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IRRIGATION is another method of farming.  There are 3 primary types of irrigation famring.  One involves long trenches and canals where water is channeled along the roots of the plants.  The second involves running tubing alont the base of the plants with holes in it for a drip system that keeps the soil moist and the third involves running water to sprinkler systems to spray the water on to the plants directly.of methane gas are stored in the soil.  

98 Ft Drip Irrigation KitDrip Irrigation system

Raised Bed Irrigation System
49 FootDrip Irrigation system raised beds

8 Port Drip ManifoldDrip Manifold 8 Port
Soaker Hose - 50 ftSoaker Hose 50ft  75 Ft Drip HoseDrip Hose 75 ft

Above Ground
Garden Sprinkler SystemGarden Sprinkler above ground 

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