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Rabbit Management


Rabbits are more than just a pretty face.  On a sustainable farm, they can be one of your best investments, even if you dont plan on eating them.  Rabbits are an excellent source of manure for your garden and their manure is very useful as it doesnt need to be leached first.  It is referred to as a cold manure, so it is ready to be spread in and around your garden plants, the moment it's produced.  Rabbits are vegetarians, so they are great for processing your plant waste as well and transforming it into a more readily compostable form, reducing the time your compost spends decomposing.

RabbitsThe image link to the right is a great video about the many reasons why rabbits should be the first animal you add to your sustainable farm. 

There are many different types of rabbits depending on your needs and intentions.  From the big white New Zealand rabbit, mostly grown for meat purposes, down to the cute, cuddly mini lionhead lop bunnies grown for pets and easily sold.

Rabbits teeth grow costantly so it's important to keep lots of items for them to chew on or they will chew up all their food dishes and their hutch.  Blocks of untreated, chemical free wood, non-toxic tree limbs and branches, and other organic products as linked below.  Avoid plastic dishes and toys as they will chewed up causing plastic particles to get in your bunny poo.  Below are many products you may be interested in for sustaining your bunny's happiness and well being. 

Timothy Hay SticksTimothy Hay Sticks Flower Flavored Timothy Hay SticksFlower Flavored Hay sticks   Grass Bunny MatsBunny Grass Mats
Rabbit FeederRabbit Feeder Rabbit Chew BalllsBunny Chew Balls  Bunny Chew ToysBunny Chew Toys 
 64 Ounce Bottle WatererWater Bottle 64 Oz Rabbit Raising GuideStoreys Raising Rabbits  Grass Bunny House
Bunny Grass House Accesory 
Honey Bunny SnackHoney Flavor Bunny Treats  Apple Hay Bunny TreatsApple Hay Bunny Treats  Pet PlaypenPet Playpen
Rabbit Hutch on CastorsRabbit Hutch Castors  Rabbit Hutch 53 InchRabbit Hutch  Rabbit Hutch 62 inchRabbit Hutch 62 inch 
Rabbit Hutch 102 InchRabbit Hutch 102 inch


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