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Ruth Stout Farming Potatoes

RUTH STOUT was a innovator in the field of gardening.  She hated pulling weeds and devised a method that, not only, removes the need to pull weeds on a daily or weekly basis, but is also really good for the environment and the soil. 

STUDIES HAVE shown that large quantities...

of methane gas are stored in the soil.  Tilling the soil then releases all that methane gas into the atmosphere.  Conventional farming and gardening releases massive amounts of methane into the atmosphere. 

THE TRULY ironic thing about Ruth Stouts method is that it not only retains the methane in the soil allowing natural dissipation, but additionally, prevents the weed seeds from receiving sunlight and sprouting.  Overtime, the weed seeds decompose and become more fertilizer while the seeds from the crops are able to grow in healthy aerated soil. 

THE GLORIOUS secret to this forward thinking method is straw.  Just Straw!  The process is simple and eliminates hours of hard, backbreaking, work.

SEE links to 2 more videos showing the results of the Ruth Stout method originally detailed in the video above as well as a video detailing garden planning and layout.

Ruth Stout Farming potatoes Garden planning
  1. In the Autumn, you mark the areas where you plan to plant
  2. Place straw (hay can be used if it doesnt have seeds) up to 8 inches deep on the designated grow beds.
  3. Leave the area alone for the winter, allowing the straw to decompose and block out sun.
  4. When the growing season begins, drop seeds, potatoes, garlic bulbs etc (whatever you plan to grow) on top of the straw from the previous Autumn.
  5. Cover your crop with approx 4 inches of straw.  
  6. Depending on your climate, watering will be greatly reduced or even eliminated as the straw retains moisture and often rain is sufficient for growth.
  7. If a weed does grow thru the straw, you can either cover it with more straw or pull it out.  By the 2nd year, there will be very few weeds.
  8. As your plants begin to grow, place straw around them to work as weed mat, keeping the weeds down but allowing plant growth.
  9. Harvest produce as normal.   



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