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Food Preparation/Storage

AS YOU BEGIN producing your own food, you will also need to find ways to Preserve the fruits of your labor..  Whether you are stocking up for the end of the world, or simply processing the food as it's grown to prevent waste and spoilage, there are many methods and processes to choose from. 

There are some types of Preservation that dont fall into the below categories or are "food specific".  See these exclusions below the quick link buttons below:

Canning Freezing
Dehydration vacuumpacking
Smoked Jerked Meat  SaltingSugaring
 Pasteurization  Freeze Dried


Food Specific Preservation information:

1)  Egg Preservation:  Eggs can be preserved by either powdering, glassing or refrigeration.  Do not wash them when you harvest them.  Keep in the refrigerator, unwashed until you use or preserve them for long term.  Here is an article on Water Glassing Eggs


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