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Aquaponic systems can be set up for Container plants ensuring better growth and productionDutch Bucket Tomatoes than regular watering. Here is one of my favorite youtubers showing you how to raise carrots in a container on his porch.  He is using a

conventional gardening system so the only difference betwen his demonstration and the dutch bucket system described here is in how the water and nutrients are introduced into the dutch bucket system and the growing media.  Click here for a very infomative video showing how to set up a dutch bucket system.  Click the image above and to the right for a follow up video showing the results and any changes the grower made going forward.   Utilizing different types of growing medium will...

<<Back<<    ensure that your plants retain moisture and retrieve needed nutrients for optimal growth and production. Avoid using soil for growing media in your Dutch Bucket Aquaponics system as it will clog filters and muddy your system.  Clay pebbles lava rock, and others linked below will work much better and enable the proper bacteria to grow in your system. .

 Food Grade 2 Gallon Buckets - 10 pkSquare 2 Gallon Buckets 10 pack

Fish Tank - 20 Gal Aquarium KIt Aqueon LED Aquarium 20 Gal

Food Grade 3.5 Gallon Buckets - 6 PkFood Grade 3.5 Gallon Buckets - 6 Pk

Grow It Clay Pebble growing Media

Clay growing media

Perlite Growing MediaPerlite Media 


 Heirloom Seeds - 20 VarietiesHeirloom Vegetable 20 varieties

Submersible Water Pump 1110 GPH

Submersible Water pump

 API Freshwater Master Test Kit

API Freshwater Master Test Kit


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