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WHILE PLANNING your sustainable lifestyle, you will find that Poultry will likely play a large role in developing that llifestyle.  Each type of bird will benefit your farm in different ways. Chickens and Quail are great for eggs.  Quail eggs being some of the best and most nutritious eggs available.  Chickens and ducks make great insect control, and guinea make great burglar alarms. 

THE BASIC needs of all Poultry are relatively simple:  Food, water, and a clean evironment.  

IF YOU CLICK the breed specific pages below, you'll find information and product links that are more specific to that particular breed.

Isa Brown

Northern Bobwhite Quail 

Guinea Fowl White Duck Turkeys





WHEN USING a heat lamp, the brooder is optional.  The general rule of thumb, when using a heat lamp," if the chicks are huddled tigthtly together under the heat lamp, the heat lamp may be hung to high.  If the chicks are laying away from the heat lamp and away from each other, the lamp may be hung to low."  In a larger enclosure, the brooder should be located as far from the heat lamp as possible.  The chicks can then get under the brooder if they are cold, but will be able to roam freely about the enclosure if the heat lamp is efficiently heating the enclosure. 

A CHICKEN COOP heater may also be a safer alternative to the heat lamp.   

MOST YOUNG poultry varieties will require the same basic care initially.  The care guidelines will change as the chicks grow and mature.

SEE BELOW for many of the products I recommend for your new poultry chicks or poultry.

Metal Chick water Base - fits A mason Jar

Chick Watere Metal Base Fits mason jar

Metal Chick Feeder Base - fits a Mason Jar

Chick Feeder Metal Base Fits mason jar

Woods Clamping Heat LampHeatlamp
Hanging Poultry Feeder 15 lbsHanging Poultry Feeder 15 lbs Poultry Waterer 2 GallonPoultry Waterer 2 Gal

250 Watt Heat Lamp Bulb - RedHeatlamp bulb

Nesting PadsNesting Pads 

Plastic Poultry Water/Feeder SetPoultry feeder waterer

Poultry Waterer Heated BasePoultry Waterer Heated Base
Nesting BoxNesting Box 

Premier Chick Brooder Heating Plate

Chick Brooding Plate

Radiant Chicken Coop HeaterChicken Coop heater

 VetRX Respiratory Supplement

VetRX Medicines

Plastic Poultry WatererPlasstic Poultry Waterer  Egg Candler - RechargableEgg Candler Rechargeable

 Chick Probiotic - 3 Packets ONLY!!! 

Chick Probiotic 3 packages only

Heated Chicken PerchHeated Chicken Perch

ONCE THE POULTRY matures, there will be some differences in the way they should be cared for.  Most Poultry young can beChicken Coop Tractor transitioned from the brooder to a coop when they are 6 weeks old.  Relocating them to a small enclosure outdoors is usually ideal. Click this link to see a video on making a mobile chicken coop (chicken tractor) which can make putting young chickens out easier. 

INITIALLY, animal husbandry will play a role in poultry care.  Quail for instance, do not have the same territorial disputes as chickens.  On average, there is 1-2 quail hens for every 1 quail rooster.  In a covey of 50, our little quail paired up nicely and have laid hundreds of eggs.  Chickens on the other hand, one rooster is plenty, or no rooster at all if you are in it just for the eggs. 

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