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INTRODUCTION - We Are ALWAYS Adding New Information - Check Back Often!

I LOVE HOMESTEADING!!!  I hate when I'm unable to find the links to videos, articles and products I've seen in the past, particularly when I need them.  After years of gardening, farming, ranching and growing up with gardeners, farmers and ranchers, I thought "wouldnt it be cool if I could put all this information in one place, so I NEVER have to look for it again?!  So I Did!!!  This Website is designed to be the definitive resource and referral site for all things Sustainable and Organic.  It is specifically tailored to the needs of new homesteaders, new farmers, new ranchers, and new gardeners, providing terminology, verbiage and basic concepts so you wont look like a Nube when you go to the feed store for the first time.  This site is also designed be a continuing source of information for those who are more experienced in these areas.  In summary, this website is a compilation of years of research, links to articles and products, anecdotes, as well as shared experience and advice from family and friends.  ALL IN ONE PLACE!

THE INCLUSION of a Buy Sell Trade page will enable our friends, neighbors and families to network and help each other with needed equipment and supplies. 

ALSO INCLUDED is a Resource section that includes Recipes, Books, Links to articles and Videos.  This Site could easily become your #1 resource for all things Sustainable. 

WE ARE WORKING 24/7 to add information and links so check back often, the site will be growing exponentially during these first years!  We are working hard to compile every link, every article, every video, and every product we can find, on any subject related to Sustainable Living in a user friendly format.  We have analysed the products for price, quanitity, quality and reviews in the hopes of helping every family become self sustainable as economically, expediently and efficiently as possible.  Whenever possible, we include links to USA sourced, produced and manufactured products and try to avoid foreign products whenever possible.We strive to utilize the appropriate terminology on all topics to assist you in your additional searches and to help your Street Cred at the Garden store :)

QUICK NOTE:  When using this site, most images are either links to informative articles, video or product links.  The images that are product links are almost always within a table unless otherwise noted. There is usually always a notation about what type of article or video is being linked. The only advertising on my site is thru the affiliate programs.  Currently only Amazon but I'm hoping to add Tractor Supply and some Heirloom seed companies so you dont have to be worried about being inundated with those detestable ads all over the place.

YOU CAN contact us directly if you wish to submit ads, recipes, videos and articles you want to share with other people who are also working to create improved life of self preservation, self sustainability, better health and confidence in their ability to keep their families safe and comfortable during any future catastrophe.

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon's Affiliate Program enables me to bring this content to you!  I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial or link to products or services on this website. NOTE: There is no additional cost to you. Your purchase helps support my work bringing you real information about farming, gardening and sustainable living.